Friends of the Decatur Public Library

The purpose of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library is to raise funds to support programs at the Decatur Public Library. We do this mainly by reselling donated books at monthly Second Saturday Sales, and the yearly Labor Day Book Sale. Your membership fees also provide revenue to support the Friends. Thank You!

Some of the library programs that we support include Reading is Readiculous, Book Clubs, Craft Programs, Book talks including Books Between Bites, guest speakers on a variety of topics, and many other programs. We also support the yearly income tax preparation program, and the Master Gardener program that maintains the landscaping around the library.


Membership in the Friends of the Decatur Public Library

Your membership entitles you to:

$5 coupon and discounts on used books and FOL merchandise, Early entry to the Labor Day Book Sale, Reminders about Books Between Bites and other events, and much more.

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Membership Levels:

Individual $15 - Family $25 - Essayist $50 - Author $100 - Journalist $250 - Editor $500 - Publisher $1,000+