The Labor Day Book Sale was a big success! Thanks everyone!

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Books Between Bites

Amy Zietllow

October 4th. Amy Ziettlow will be reviewing the book she's co-authored with Law Professor, Naomi Cahn, titled Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care Loss. This book follows the caregiving and loss experiences of more than 60 families in south Louisiana. Through their stories of family, care, and love, we see how the American family now includes beloved stepparents, even ex-stepparents, and learn how a broad definition of family demands careful planning and preparation for honoring our parents and stepparents as they age or face serious illness. She brings her experience as a Hospice chaplain and administrator as well as a parish pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran in Decatur, into conversation with Professor Cahn expertise in family law and trusts and estates law. Amy will bring books to purchase for the discount rate of $20. Also, books can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, as well as Book World in the Hickory Point Mall for $29.95.

Second Saturday Book Sales

October 14th, November 10th, and December 8th - Second Floor of the Decatur Public Library 9:30-12:30. Hardbacks $1, Paperbacks $.50. Newer Fiction $3. DVDs, CDs, and Audiobooks are also available.


Some of the newer $3 books available.

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Jodi Picoult

September 6th. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult will be discussed by Dick Virgin. Another high quality effort by Jodi Picoult who uses a true story as the basis of a gripping novel that embroils the reader in a contemporary story. An AfroAmerican nurse finds herself facing charges of allowing an infant child of white supremacists parents to die after they had her removed from their child's care.

Richard Virgin, a native Midwesterner, is a retired public school administrator who worked in a variety of school districts including District #61.  He spent the last 15 years of his career opening and building a unique educational program of voluntary desegregation in an urban community collaborating with 12 rural/suburban school districts of Connecticut. It's success led to the development of a proliferation of desegregated magnet schools in Connecticut.

the lost art of dress

Wednesday August 2nd: The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish, by Linda Przybyszewski, c2014, presented by Nancy Peterson. A glance down any street in America quickly reveals that America women have forgotten how to dress. Historian and skilled dressmaker Linda Przybyszewski shows how a remarkable group of women in the first half of the last century taught American women how to dress beautifully and appropriately, yet not impoverish themselves.

Nancy Peterson is retired from the Decatur Public Schools after thirty-plus years as a high school librarian. Fortunately, that did not sour her love of books and reading.

A Great Reckoning

July 5th - Rosemarie King-Grindy reviewed Louise Penny's last novel, A Great Reckoning, her 12th Inspector Gamache novel. It's great mystery with complex characters and lovely imagery. Rosemarie is a Professor of English at Richland Community College whose guilty pleasure is good mystery novels.

Friends of the Decatur Public Library Mission

The purposes of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library are charitable, literary and educational. These purposes are:

We hope you will consider joining us in our mission to help Decatur Public Library serve our community in the best way possible!

Katie Gross, Head of the Children's Department at Decatur Public Library had this to say:

Over the past quarter of a century that I have been head of the Children's Division, the Friends have provided, among many other things, ongoing financial support for quality summer reading programs, and birthday gift books for one-year-olds, enhancing the library's partnership with Baby TALK.  The hard work and dedication of the Friends is a real morale booster,  saying volumes about the importance of the library to people in our community.  The  Friends' efforts are integral to providing good library service at Decatur Public Library!